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My husband is on board too!

December 23rd, 2008 at 11:13 am

I'm so proud of my husband, last night he was repricing his ski trip. He does this A LOT! I think it helps with his overwhelming desire to go skiing, even when logistics make it difficult. Anyway, he noticed that his trip had dramatically dropped in price. He said "I think I'm gonna call Expedia to see if they can adjust my price". After spending about 45 minutes on the phone he was able to cut the price of his trip by over $350! A few years ago, he wouldn't have bothered to try and get the better deal. He's finally caught on!

Today's activities centered on refinancing our home to get a better rate. We sent the application in but our lender told me that rates went up .25 since last night so now we are in a holding pattern until they drop back down. I'm looking for 5% or better. My current note is at 5.75% and going to 5% would lower my interest expense by $280/month! I'm keepng my fingers crossed...

Someone asked the other day if I am the same Minnie that posts in the forums...yes, I am Minnie1928 in the forums.

Another person asked how I get things for free from CVS. Long story short, CVS has a program where they will issue you store credit called Extra Care Bucks. Usually several items during the month are free when factor in the Extra Care Bucks earned. For example, yesterday I bought Excedrin for $3.99. When I paid for them a store credit (Extra Care Buck) printed with my receipt for $3.99. I'll use that credit to purchase the next free (or nearly free) thing at CVS in the coming weeks. I go to www.hotcouponworld.com to see the advertisements in advance so that I can plan my trip a little better. The nice thing about this programs is that you can use manufacturer and CVS coupons to make the deal even better. In the example above I had a $2 manufacturer coupon, so in effect I was paid $2 to take the Excedrin off their shelves!

My money saving idea for the day: I needed to take cookies to an afternoon playdate with one of my daughter's friends. I was going to get some cookies at the bakers...until I saw the price. Being short on time (and cooking skills, but that's a whole other story!!!) I bought some break-n-bake cookies for $2.50 while at the grocery store and baked them before the playdate. Much cheaper and probably just as fattening!

Have a good day everyone!

3 Responses to “My husband is on board too!”

  1. kdmoffett25 Says:

    I wish we had a CVS here!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Glad to hear it!

  3. Amber Says:

    $350! That is great

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